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Give middle school students a chance to learn more about careers and business as they work with a team to create their own teen business!

This unit focuses on students exploring many of the aspects of creating their own business and introduces some of the day-to-day requirements of that business. Students choose a business with their team, prepare a business plan, advertising materials and a budget and finally reflect on their learning utilizing a variety of MS Office products or Google Products, and a choice of a variety of free Web 2.0 tools such as Audacity, Paint, Canva, Adobe Express and others specified in each section of the lesson. Students can choose from available software options, or the teacher can specify which software they should use for each project.

Files Included with this Lesson (all fully editable)

· Teacher & Student Resources

· Overview of the Unit for Teachers & Students

· Project Planning and Grading Sheet – Teacher

· Project Planning Sheet – Students

· Team Sign Up Sheet

· Student Expectations and Grading Rubrics for:

o Business Plan

o Logo

o Business card/letterhead

o Tri-fold Brochure

o Budget

o Sales Presentation

o Advertising (print and audio/video)

o Reflection Essay

· Sample Budget project (MS Excel)

· Quick Start Guide – Audacity
· Quick Start Guide – Canva

I’ve used this with 7th and 8th graders and they love having a chance to think about turning one of their passions into an actual money-making business.