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Enzymes consists of four very handy digital Student Worksheets (plus answers) that will help your students to consolidate their understanding of this fundamental topic in biology (they will also save you lots of prep time). Enzymes is suitable for students in Years 10 – 12 and can be used as class work, homework or revision. It includes a fun word find and lock-and-key jigsaw activity.

Enzymes covers the following:

  • Characteristics of enzymes and how important they are as biological catalysts

  • How enzymes work to speed up chemical reactions in the body

  • Differences between the ‘lock-and-key‘ and ‘induced-fit‘ models of enzyme action

  • Factors that affect enzyme activity, such as temperature and pH

  • Competitive/non-competitive enzyme inhibition and

  • Cofactors and coenzymes.

Enzymes is not just about answering questions. Your students will enjoy the ‘active’ nature of the tasks here, requiring them to:

  • analyse diagrams and graphs

  • label diagrams

  • complete ‘fill-in-the-gaps’ passages

  • complete a word find in PowerPoint by inserting and formatting shapes

  • complete a jigsaw activity in PowerPoint by dragging and dropping moveable shapes

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I hope you and your students find this product useful and that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Praise for Ariana’s Active Science & Biology worksheets:

“I used about 95% of the worksheets with my kids this year and it was a gem during remote learning. Honestly the best resource I’ve ever purchased” – Emma Palmer (via Facebook)

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