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If you’d like to make the topic of Enzymes more clear for your students, my Enzymes Powerpoint and Student Notes will help!


The Powerpoint slides are engaging but not too cluttered. The matching student notes are in Cloze format and the slides are animated, allowing you to fully control the pace of the lesson.


Topics covered:

  • endothermic and exothermic reactions
  • activation energy
  • enzymes as catalysts
  • enzyme structure
  • enzyme “anatomy”
  • Lock and Key Model
  • how an enzyme works
  • factors influencing enzyme reactions


Here’s what you’ll get when you download:

  • a 16-slide noneditable Powerpoint presentation
  • 9 pages of noneditable matching student notes
  • teacher master copy of the notes


You can use this as a Powerpoint or upload it into Google Classroom.

Please note: This Powerpoint contains basic information on enzymes. There is no detail on specific biochemical reactions such as glycolysis.


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