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Meet all of the Common Core State Standards for fractions with this 3rd grade unit designed specifically for math workshop! Your students will be authentically engaged in this lessons, and you’ll save a ton of time and energy because I’ve provided everything you need to make this unit a success!

This Product Includes:

✓ Equal sharing

✓ Parts of a whole

✓ Parts of a set

✓ Reading number lines

✓ Partitioning number lines

✓ Looking at number lines greater than one

✓ Equivalent fractions – using benchmarks, the size of the whole, different numerators, and different denominators

✓ Comparing equivalent fractions

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Pre-test and post-test

✓ Vocabulary cards for your word wall or practice

✓ Anchor charts

✓ Detailed mini-lessons

✓ Worksheets for practice

✓ Task cards

✓ Games

✓ Remediation and enrichment activities

✓ Answer keys

✓ Mini-assessments (ticket out the door, etc.

✓ Color and printer-friendly versions

✓ Printable and digital (Google Slides) versions for in-person, distance learning, or hybrid.

✓ Clickable table of contents – takes you right to the lesson!