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Keep your students engaged and learning with this engaging, standards-based novel study. Great for distance learning, school breaks or home schools.


A chapter-by-chapter novel study slide show that gives students all the scaffolding they need to read the novel successfully. Includes cultural and historical context, vocabulary, and literary devices. Comprehension questions and answers for each chapter. Ten slide preview included.


Our Visual Text Support reviews say it best:


“Teaching at an inner city school, this was SO INCREDIBLY helpful! I LOVE giving visuals for things that kids have absolutely no background knowledge on.”


“What an amazing resource! A great way to help the students understand historical context, along with words and phrases from the time period.”


“This is loaded with great stuff!! Just what I was looking for! Thanks.”


“Love using this daily to introduce chapters.”


“This was one of the best purchases I have made! My students really loved the slides and they were useful in instigating some meaningful classroom discussions.”


“One of the best purchases I have made. My students had a better picture of what each chapter was about. I wish more novels had this resource.”


“I love this resource! Thank you so much for creating it. I think every novel should have a product like this. My students have a clear picture before we read the chapter, and their face lights up when we come to the part in your resource in the book. Great product!!”


“This is great. I am going to use this not only for reading but for social studies also. This ppt will make the book so much more interesting for the students and will “kill two birds with one stone.” Thank you!”