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This fun and engaging Back to School Estimating Differences Boom Cards are perfect for Distance Learning.


These PAPERLESS, NO-PREP, SELF-GRADING Digital Task Cards are great for Grades 6 to 8 and Homeschooling for practicing Estimation and rounding off numbers to nearest ten, hundred and thousand. This pack is perfect for Math Centers and Math Lessons.

There are 36 Cards with Fill in the blanks questions. Students will be practicing 

▪︎Estimating Differences to the nearest ten : 12 Boom Cards

▪︎Estimating Differences to the nearest hundred : 12 Boom Cards 

▪︎Estimating Differences to the nearest thousand : 12 Boom Cards

Cards are randomized and will play 15 at a time to let your students practice more and more.
Hope you and your students enjoy this resource! 

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