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European Portuguese: The Seasons, The Weather and My Clothes

European Portuguese Flashcards and Activities

Beginners Portuguese

Teach your young learners how to say and identify wardrobe elements, as well as describe the weather in Portuguese through this fun pack!

Included are:

– 16 clothing flashcards in European Portuguese,

– 4 weather flashcards in European Portuguese,

– 4 seasons flashcards in both Portuguese and English

– 1 tic-tac-toe game (aka “jogo da velha),

– “Que roupa vais vestir?” Activity to practice the sentence frames [Vou vestir um/ uma/ uns/umas + (clothes) + (color)] and [Vou calçar umas/ uns + (foot wear) + (color), and

– 2 short illustrated dialogue for review or/ and role play.

This fun kit is a sweet compliment to teaching your learner European Portuguese in a fun and engaging way allowing for word recognition and retainment, as well as the use of sentence frames within context, while internalizing grammar rules naturally.

This kit is also a great supplement to the practice of colors, while describing clothing.


For best results, I recommend printing your materials on heavier weight paper or card stock. However, common printing paper works well, too.

Print and cut out your flashcards. For long-lasting fun, and so you can also use a dry erase pen on your games, I recommend you laminate your materials.

And, please, do share on social media via @pipoca.aka.popcorn.

I would love to see all the great fun as you and your learner play and learn!