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Are your students struggling with writing in your science class? This set of 3 Evolution CERs has everything you need to both give your students practice in CER writing, and also to assess their knowledge of this important science concept. Teaching students how to write in CER (Claim – Evidence – Reasoning) format will help them write concise, evidence-based answers.


These print and go CERs each use a different type of evidence to increase understanding. There is one with a reading passage, one with a diagram to interpret, and the third has a data table with a graphing exercise. This will give your students needed practice in gathering evidence from different types of resources.


Not only that, but each CER also contains 2 versions: one without writing prompts and one with writing prompts. You can differentiate by class or even by student!


*Please note – The Peppered Moth CER requires students to have been introduced to industrial melanism.*


Here’s what’s included in your download:

  • 1 CER with a reading passage called New Evidence from Old Bones, 2 versions
  • 1 CER with a diagram comparing beaks of Darwins Finches, 2 versions
  • 1 CER with a data table and graphing exercise on Peppered Moth populations, 2 versions
  • Grading rubric

I hope you find this product helpful for you and your students!


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