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Keeping the math concepts of factors and multiples straight is a challenge! This enrichment set of riddle task cards and activities will strengthen your fourth grade students’ skills and keep them thinking carefully about multiples and factors through 100.

These math riddles are a unique way to keep the fun in 4th grade math while growing your students’ abilities in multiplication, division, and critical thinking skills.

Here’s how these math elimination riddles work!

Choosing from four numbers on each card, your students will determine Super Sleuth’s Secret Number by using math clues to eliminate three of the options. 

With each riddle task card they complete, your students will determine factors and/or multiples for four numbers. They’ll have a great time and won’t even realize that they’ve completed 96 examples in all, and with so much more fun than an average worksheet can provide!

Because the detective graphics in this set aren’t seasonal, you’ll find yourself using this resource at any time during the school year!

What’s included in this resource?

✅  24 riddle cards, printing at four per page

✅  A student recording page and answer key

✅  A challenging set of three printable full page riddles for your most advanced students to create independently.

✅  A card game, “The Greatest Factor”

✅  Suggestions for more ways to use these cards in your math centers.

Here are some ways that you might use these math task cards in your teaching!

* Use in a math center for individual or partner work

* Use with your document camera for whole class review 

* Display a card on your screen as an engaging focus to start your math lesson.

* Any page in this resource can be made digital: simply take a screenshot or use your snipping tool to create and save as a jpeg. Your jpeg will be usable on your students’ devices using your favorite apps or programs.

* Use as a skills review rotation (aka “Scoot”), individually or with partners, with students moving to stations around the classroom to solve the clues

* Use for morning “bell ringers”

* Use as challenge work or for early finishers

* Use as an activity with classroom volunteers – they can work with individual students or a small group and complete as few or as many as time allows!

* Use for math intervention, RTI, or tutoring – keep the fun in learning math!.


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