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These fun and engaging Factors and Multiples Boom Cards are perfect for practicing Math. These PAPERLESS  NO-PREP  SELF-GRADING Factors and Multiples Task Cards are great for Grade 4, Grade 5 and Homeschooling. This self-correcting pack of Boom Deck is great to review their understanding of Multiples and Factors.

Includes 38 Boom Cards with different activities.

▪︎2 Boom Cards: Identifying prime and composite numbers

▪︎4 Boom Cards: Fill in the blanks with next five multiples

▪︎10 Boom Cards: Drag and Drop Activity for Factors and Multiples 

▪︎12 Boom Cards: Identifying the number by its Factors or Multiples 

▪︎10 Boom Cards: Multiple Choice Questions 

Hope you and your students enjoy this resource! 

Review is much appreciated.