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Let your students explore their creativity with this fairytales writing packet!

It includes:

The packet includes:

Definition/Info/Directions sheet,

Example Story Map Graphic Organizer,

My Story Map Graphic Organizer,

Fairytale rough draft version 1 writing sheets,

Fairytale final version 1 writing sheets,

Fairytale rough draft version 2 writing sheets,

Fairytale final version 2 writing sheets,

Story drawing/visualization sheet,

Image/visualization inspiration sheet,

Story map teacher key example

I would suggest this resource for approximately 5th graders to 12 graders – co-taught, resource, or mild self contained. I have used it with co-taught language arts and mild self contained language arts classes. It was very helpful. I hope this resource is helpful for you and your students!

Side note: The front image was painted by me. I love to often include my original artworks in my resources. Enjoy!