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ABC ORDER WORKSHEETS BACK TO SCHOOL | ALPHABETICAL ORDER | ALPHABETIZING WORDS This BACK TO SCHOOL themed ABC ORDER set includes alphabetical order worksheets and an ABC Order Literacy Center! Students will have plenty of hands-on practice alphabetizing words. ABC order worksheets have the alphabet listed for easy reference. The ABC order literacy center can be used over and over as the students will randomly choose 6 words from a set of cards to put in ABC order. Early finishers will have a matching writing page for extending their work and writing sentences using words from their ABC order page.


⭐ABC Order Worksheets

  • 1 Suggestion page
  • 6 ABC Order Cut and Paste worksheets
  • 6 Companion worksheets for extending the work with writing sentences

⭐ABC Order Literacy Center

  • 1 Suggestion page
  • 2 open ended recording sheets
  • 26 A-Z Back to School themed cards to alphabetize in color and B&W



No-Prep, just print and go. You can use just the cut and paste pages or also pass out the additional sentence writing page that matches. The second page can also be used for early finishers. The ABC cut and paste worksheet has the alphabet listed as a reference. The sentences page has an editing checklist on it.


Cut apart the 26 picture/word cards and place in center. Print one or both recording sheets and place in center. Students choose 6 picture/word cards, copy those 6 words onto their cut and paste sheet, then complete their worksheet. If you place the second worksheet at the station, then students will choose 4 of their words to practice writing sentences with.