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Addition and Subtraction Flashcards Fall Autumn | Part Part Whole Strategy


Addition Flash Cards Part Part Whole: AUTUMN Edition is a set of PART-PART-WHOLE cards Sums to 10 with an AUTUMN theme. You’ll get 24 different cards printed 2 on a sheet, perfect for math stations or Math Around the Room with 2 recording sheets. You’ll also get the same set in black and white. You also get the 24 cards, A-X enlarged in color on a full sheet for use in whole group Math Talk/ Number Talk.



Colored Set A-X, 2 pages per sheet; Suggested use if to place in a math center. Cut the one sheet in half, separating Card A from Card B. Place in math rub with a set of recording sheets run front to back if you want them to access all 24 at once. Or, you can place A-L with the first recording sheet, and replace at a different time with the next 12 cards, to refresh. I have the students write the complete equation on the recording sheet, so for example A) 2+2=4 B) 4+1=5 It’s so much easier for me to check at a glance and gives the students needed practice writing full equations.


Black & White Set A-X, 2 pages per sheet: Suggested use, same as above. Provided for saving on color ink.


Colored Large Pages, 1 problem per page: Suggested use, Teacher uses the cards during Math Talk/Number Talk, discussion at carpet with whole class or small groups. Using a few cards a day to prompt problem solving discussions and strategies for solving. Students discuss solutions and how they solved the problem. Other students add on to that thinking or share the way they solved it. The pages are enlarged so children can view easier in a whole group.


Other thoughts: Students can write answer only. Write answer as an addition equation only. Write answer as a subtraction equation only. Write both an addition & subtraction equation. Or write all 4 parts of a fact family.

Example: Card B, 4+1=5, 1+4=5, 5-4=1, 5-1=4


Problem-Solving: These cards can be used for creating word problems. Take a card, create your own word problems from the card. Example; Card B There were 4 bunnies hopping through the fields, then some more bunnies joined them. Now there are 5 bunnies in all hopping in the field. How many bunnies joined the group of 4?


Algebra Challenge: Card B; 4+x=5 Solve for x.