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The materials in this pack will give your students an engaging way to master blends!

The pack includes:

40 blend task cards for 

L (bl,cl,fl,gl,pl)

R (br, cr, dr, fr, pr, gr, tr) 

S (sp, st, sl, sc, sk, sm, sn, sw)

6 different work mats to use with small group activity

2 different recording sheets

Use the materials in SO many ways including:

1. Identify the missing blends on each card and use the recording sheets

2. Make 2 copies of cards and use as a concentration game (“Go again” cards included!)

3. Teacher Small Group Game: Teacher shows a card, the first student to name the missing blend puts the card on their work mat.

4. Read, Write the Room Activity – Place the task cards around the room and students find the card and record the missing blend on the recording sheet!