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Are you looking for fall math activities for you Kindergarten & Pre-K students? These October emergent reader books are more than another counting to 10 worksheet! Instead, students get the chance to practice reading and math skills at the same time!

These 8 emergent readers are the perfect activity for October in your Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom! Plus each book comes with multiple versions for easy differentiation.

This October Set includes:

8 different emergent readers with and without dots to help students with 1 to 1

  • I Can Count Spiders (ex page: 1 green spider.) 1-10
  • I See Pumpkins (ex page: I see 1 orange pumpkin.) 1-10
  • I Love Candy (ex page: I have 1 piece of candy.) 1-10
  • Candy Corn (ex page: 1 candy corn in the jar.) 1-10
  • I See Halloween (ex page: I see 6 ghosts.) 1-10
  • I Can Count by Tens (ex page: 10 20) goes up to 50
  • Five Little Pumpkins (ordinal numbers)
  • Where is the Bat? (ex page: The bat is over the house.)

*bonus interactive version where students read the sentence and move the bat to match

includes: over, above, below, under, next to, beside, inside, in between, in front of, behind

Each reader has:

  • a black and white PDF version with 2 books to a page (no shuffling pages, just staple and cut!


  • A Reference page to see which skills and sight words are addressed in each book
  • A Parents Tips page with an editable version included