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FALL WOODLAND ANIMALS NonStandard Measurement Center is a double set of Measurement Center Cards with a WOODLAND ANIMALS Theme. 

Your students will get plenty of practice measuring length. Cards can be used with nonstandard measurement, standard measurement, customary measurement and metric measurement. 

This set is great for Math Centers, Math Stations, & Small Group Instruction. Cut out & laminate cards, place in math station with a set of recording sheets. I like to run worksheet 2 sided and ask students to measure with 2 different units of measure, such as cubes and beans, or inches and centimeters.

You get 2 Sets, a ORANGE Bordered Set of 12 pictures to measure and a BLUE Bordered Set of 12 pictures to measure. When students are recording their answers on the recording sheet they can circle which set they used, ORANGE or BLUE.

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Task Cards include images shown on cover page.

  • This MEGA set has 2 sets, ORANGE set & BLUE set. Each set has 12 colorful measurement cards (on 7 pages).
  • Each card is labeled “A, B, C, etc..” and a recording page is given to match.
  • The recording page allows for the student to fill in the unit of measure they are working with, unifix cubes, cm. cubes, beans, paperclips, inches, centimeters, etc… so it is very open ended to suit the needs of your curriculum and students abilities.
  • You can print the recording sheet double sided (early finishers) and ask them to measure using 2 different units of measure.
  • Depending upon your grade level measurement standards students can do Nonstandard Measurement, Customary Measurement or even Metric Measurement.