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This is a creative activity to help foster connection and create a sense of unity and “togetherness” within the family. Learning healthy self-care habits can start at an early age and the good news? It’s never too late to start learning about the importance of taking care of yourself. From making yourself a hot chocolate, running a bath or even dancing to your favourite singer. These can all be positive and healthy self-care habits.

The important thing to remember is what is self-care for you might NOT be self-care for someone else. Self-care is about meeting your needs. As a family however, it is important to consider the needs and preferences of the whole family as well so you can create a menu of options that as a family you can do “together”.

In this activity you will be creating your “family togetherness tea”. A cup full of self-care habits and strategies that as a family create a stronger bond of love and unity.

All family members are encouraged to participate and provide valuable contribution by expressing their self-care needs. Collectively the family creates some go-to self-care strategies to help strengthen the family.

Although not all self-care strategies will be everyone’s “cup of tea” (so to speak) being more aware of everyone’s needs, likes and preferences can provide a lot of insights and allow for opportunities for connection and communication, family cohesion and togetherness.