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This family and friends relationship bundle includes 4 of our modules on understanding family dynamics, strengthening family communication, conflict resolution, how to handle conflicts, and tips for a happy and healthy relationship in school.

1. Conflict Resolution 101:

Conflict Resolution 101: This mini-workbook is composed of 4 different activities. It will assist your students to identify their conflicts, and the styles they used in handling these conflicts, as well as they will be given the chance to assess their present conflicts and if the resolution skills they used are effective. There are also case scenarios to come up with more ways to resolve conflicts. Each activity has processing questions to facilitate the learning experiences of the students and help them express and understand more the activities.

Workbook Activity includes:

Conflict Survey

Conflict Styles

Conflict Assessment

Conflict Case Scenarios

2. Conflict Resolution: How to Handle Conflict:

This conflict resolution lesson teaches what conflict is about, the dynamics of conflict, and conflict resolution strategies to help your students improve their conflict resolution skills. This lesson will also help you in managing your class better and will help promote and maintain good interpersonal relationships in class.

This lesson includes:

Definition of Conflict

Conflict Styles:

1. Accommodating

2. Competing

3. Avoiding

4. Compromising

5. Collaborating

Conflict Hooks:

1. Competence

2. Inclusion

3. Autonomy



6. Integrity

Conflict Resolution Activities

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Processing questions are included in each conflict resolution activities

3. Relationship 101:

Tips for a happy and healthy relationship in school:

This mini-lesson comes in handy to teach to your students on the first day of school. It will help set the tone of the things you expect from them as a class and remind them of how to treat their teachers and classmates throughout the school year.

4. The Family: Understanding Family Dynamics and Strengthening Family Communication

Family is one of the most important relationships in life. Learning and understanding the role of each family member, their contribution and the way they communicate is essential in keeping family relationships happy, healthy, and harmonious.

This mini-lesson includes activities on appreciating family members, recognizing the importance of family traditions, learning and understanding the importance of responsibilities towards family members, learning to address family issues and recognizing the importance of effective communication. Lectures on family conflicts and how to improve communication with

 family members are also included. Processing questions are included to facilitate better learning experiences.