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These Americans Black Heroes “Quilt” project is the ideal annual to celebrate Black History Month !

It establishes a link between the individual and the collective utilizing Banners that will tessellate to form a “quilt” collaborative poster with the biographiesand famous quotes of 28 African Americans heroes.

Kids will like this craft, and you as the teacher will find it simple.

About the project:

There are four banners, the first contains a picture of the famous american african, the second contains his name, the third contains his biography, and the fourth contains his most famous saying.

You can use all biographies and quotes I provide, or Each of these persons can be researched independently by your Students.

The four banners that each student completes and attaches will join with the other students’ components to form the overall “quilt” poster design.

Students will be happy when the quilt design is finished.

Please see the preview file for more detaills 🙂

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