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This fun and interesting unit study combines geography with learning about places of interest around the world. These landmarks should be in every child’s store of general knowledge, and this package is a great way to learn about them.

You will find lots of photos and a short explanation of each landmark, and bingo cards with photos to reinforce what they are learning. (includes 30 Bingo cards, all with the same 25 images in different orders)

This study works great in both a classroom setting and homeschool. Take a few minutes to discuss one landmark a day, or do them all at once. It’s a great way to open kids’ eyes to the world around them and the amazing things in it.

The E-book contains the same information as the printable version, but features one landmark per page (example shown in the thumbnail photos).

You will receive a zip file with three pdf files: one with the printable book, one with the e-book and one with the Bingo game.

The package includes a wide assortment of landmarks, from famous buildings and bridges, to national parks and monuments, to other various points of interest.

Complete list of featured landmarks:  Big Ben, the Tower Bridge in London, the White Cliffs of Dover, Stonehenge, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army in China, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Sign, Yosemite, Mount St. Helens, the Seattle Space Needle, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and, of course, the Statue of Liberty.

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