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This file contains 21 posters of famous scientists to hang in your classroom! Each poster contains the scientists name, years he/she lived, what that person is best known for (including place of birth), and an inspiring quote from that individual.


Scientists included are:

– Benjamin Banneker: African-American mathematician, astronomer, and inventor

– Alexa Candy: American medical doctor

– Irene Joliot Curie: French chemist and physicist

– Marie M Daly: African-American biochemist

– Charles Darwin: English naturist, geologist, and biologist

– Albert Einstein: German theoretical physicist

– Leonard Euler: A Swiss mathematician, physicist, and engineer

– Alexander Fleming: Scottish physician and microbiologist

– Dian Fossey: American primatologist and conservationist

– Galileo Galilei: Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer

– Sophie Germain: French mathematician and physicist

– Jane Goodall: English primatologist and anthropologist

– Stephen Hawking: English theoretical physicist

– Mae Jamison: African-American engineer, physician, and astronaut

– Mario Molina: Mexican environmental scientist and chemist

– Isaac Newton: English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer

– Louis Pasteur: French chemist and microbiologist

 Ivan Pavlov: Russian physiologist

– Sally Ride: American astronaut and physicist

– Nikola Test: Serbian: American inventor and engineer

– Chien-Shiung Wu: Chinese-American physicist