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Mindset is everything! This workbook supports children to develop a growth mindset and learn not to give up. It incorporates reading, expressive writing, critical thinking, reflective insight development while also teaching social and emotional learning and growth mindset skills for little learners.


The following 75 page workbook focuses on the following topics to encourage emotional wellbeing and resilience:

• Anger management

• Anxiety Management

• Emotional Regulation

• Resilience

• Self-Belief and Confidence

• Positive Thinking

• Relaxation

• Social relating

• Reflective behaviours

• Healthy choices

• Coping Skills

• Understanding your engine

• Problem solving

• Isolating and labelling behaviours

• Creative Visualisation

• Find-a-words

and much much more…

This feelings and behaviour workbook includes:

– Introductory ‘about your workbook” – learning about the individual

– Anger rules – what’s okay/not okay

– Feeling find-a-word

– Body Keeps the Score exercise – reflective exercise

– Volcano anger management exercise and activity

– Poster – what to do when you feel angry

– Reflective anger management exercises

– Star Tips for controlling anger

– Emotions Poster “printable”

– Rules to support change – poster

– Anger Management worksheets

– Deep breathing exercise

– Coping skills exercise/activity

– Understand your Engine – Engine Speeds

– How I feel Today diary entry

– Healthy me diary/journal

– Cool Down Thoughts Poste

– Problem Solving Reflective Activity – stop and think/choices

– Knowing you feelings – reflective activity – frustration/happy/angry/mad

– Helping Hand activity – who to go for support/trust

– Biggest Hurt and Sadness activity

– Creative Activity – Make a safe home for your pet

– Bucket Activity – reflective care

– SPOTLIGHT activity

– And much more….


This is a workbook that can be printed and used for all children, including those with behavioural and anger management issues to support behaviour change.


This package includes over 36 exercises and activities to do with children, as well as tips and behavioural reinforcer pages.


This package has been utilized for all children and has been used within a school setting as part of a “self care” program. This can also be utilized for children with ADHD, intellectual disability, autism and/or developmental delay.