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Item description

5 original reading passages for teaching and reviewing figurative
language: simile, metaphor, alliteration, allusion, onomatopoeia,
personification, hyperbole and idiom. Also includes 40 close reading

Students use a variety of close reading
activities for text evidence including color-coding with highlighters.
This can be done on paper, or using the highlighting feature in Google
Classroom. Other questions involve deeper thought such as making
inferences, theme, elements of plot, vocabulary, etc.

Use these activities for weekly homework, daily/bell work, test prep, classwork, or assessment.


Paper Copies
Google Doc Links and Directions
5 Passages:
2 – Informationals
3 – Narratives
40 – Close Reading Questions (including color-coding, theme, elements of plot, vocabulary, etc.)

Doc links are provided for use in Google™ Drive and Google Classroom.
Perfect for at home distance learning (elearning). Students use Ipads,
Chromebooks, Desktops, Laptops etc.

Why am
I qualified to write these passages and Common-Core aligned questions?
Not only have I worked as a Language Arts Teacher for 30 years with a
Highly Qualified Status, but I also have spent 15 years writing state
and national assessments, such as the SATs, ACTs, and individual state
assessments that align with the Common-Core standards. This includes
grading, item writing, and passage writing for these assessments.

for Florida F.A.S.T., STAAR, NWEA MAP, ILEARN, Virginia SOL, Georgia Milestones, FSA, NC
READY, SC Ready, Smarter Balanced SBAC, Ohio AIR, Ohio State Test OST,
NC – EOG, MCA Florida’s B.E.S.T. and NJSLA