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Figurative Language Task Cards


☆ 38 pages

☆ Print and Digital (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)

☆ Suitable for Grades 6-9 and Lower Level High School Students

☆ ANSWER KEYS included

This resource includes:

☆ 36 RED-colored Multiple-Choice Task Cards

☆ 36 BLUE-colored Multiple-Choice Task Cards

☆ 36 B&W Multiple-Choice Task Cards

☆ 36 ANSWER KEY Task Cards

☆ 1 Task Card Recording Sheet with ANSWER KEY

TWO Google Slides Version activities 

★ Type Your Answer

★ Drag Your Answer)


***This resource is also included in GOOGLE SLIDES.



This resource includes 36 Task Cards that feature multiple-choice questions designed to assess your students’ ability to accurately identify the following Figurative Language techniques: simile, metaphor, hyperbole, idiom, personification, and onomatopoeia. Students read 1-2 sentences and determine which Figurative Language technique is being used.


 36 Red and Blue Task Cards (that can be laminated and put on a binder ring)

 36 B&W Task Cards (for friendly printing and distribution)

 36 ANSWER KEY Task Cards.

All four sets of Task Cards have the same passages and multiple-choices Q’s.


These Task Cards are AMAZING for Small Group Instruction, Mini Lessons, Guided Practice, Test Prep, Literacy Centers, and/or Formative Assessments – or a quiz! For Mini Lessons, you can model for students how to identify Figurative Language in sentences. They are even great to use during Guided Practice where students can practice identifying Figurative Language in sentences with your support. Finally, this would make an excellent formative assessment! Post 1-2 on the Smartboard (or hand out 1-2 B&W Task Cards to each student) and have them jot down their answers. It’s a quick and easy way to check for understanding and review when necessary! Students can even work in pairs to complete these Task Cards!


A Task Card Recording Sheet with an ANSWER KEY is also included!


▶️  Google Slides Activity #1: Students read the lines and TYPE in their answers in the boxes provided. Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students.

▶️  Google Slides Activity #2: Students read the lines and DRAG the correct letter choice to the space provided! Interactive! These two variations can help you offer students options as well a differentiate for them!


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