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New Year’s visual perceptual find and color worksheets to address visual perceptual and fine motor skills. This print and go seek and color activity is great to incorporate direction following and visual motor skills in your occupational or speech therapy sessions or classroom activities. This is also great for first finishers!

Includes 11 pages:

  • 4 Find and Color Worksheets: I Spy Style
    • Each worksheet focuses on coloring 5 New Year’s items (firework, 2023, star, New Year’s girl/boy, clock) in the pictures below
    • These activities are similar to seek and find activities with an added coloring component to address fine motor skills.
  • 7 Find and Color Rows
    • Each worksheet focuses on coloring one specific item for one color (all colors of the rainbow are included, one page for each color)
    • 5 Rows per Worksheet