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Item description

This product is a Christmas “Find Someone Who” Game for 5th grade, middle school, or high schoolers. It could be great to use for a fun class activity, holiday party, or even as an activity to practice social skills. You could have students write the name of their classmates (that meet each of the the criteria) in each box themselves, or the student asking the questions can write the name of who they find in each box. You can see who can fill out the most boxes on a page, or have them ‘win’ by completing a row at a time (like bingo).

This resource includes….

-Option 1 Christmas “Find Someone Who” board

-Option 2 Christmas “Find Someone Who” board

-A blank Christmas “Find Someone Who” board (if you’d like the students to fill in their board a certain way).

I wanted to include at least two different completed option boards because I love to have an extra option if students really love the activity (and want to complete another version of it)!

I hope you find this resource super helpful! Thanks!