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Item description

A festival that celebrates odd numbers? Yes, there is. Come join us in Ballden and The Odd Fest. This video game has Ballden chasing Ball World chickens. The goal of this video game is to properly identify the ten chickens that have odd numbers on them.  The Ballden series of video games have images, which I call “Tru 2D”. “Tru 2D” images have only height and width. Some 2D images attempt to represent the 3rd dimension, depth, but I stay away from that. All Ball World images and characters were created by me.

Please try this FREE maze video game before purchasing to test how it will play on your device.

NOTE: This video game is a Microsoft EXE file and will open in Windows, but on Mac requires the installation of additional software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac with Microsoft Windows installed.

Is there an Even Fest? We shall see. 😉