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Grade 1 Common Core Aligned – 1.NBT.1 in Number and Operations in Base Ten and Mp.2 in Mathematical Practice. 1st Grade practice to read and write in numerals, count to 120, and represent numbers with written numerals. Good for 100th Day too! Differentiated! Independent! Prep Free! Ready to Use! Animal Kingdom/Insect/Butterfly Themed! ! Target for Grade One.

Even though Number Words won’t be introduced officially until Place Value unit in First Grade Math textbook, I do think students should know these number words at the very beginning of school year. Therefore, I make this product independent of my Place Value Unit. Also number words can be tricky to spell. This colorful slides or sheets will be fun for your students to practice mastering their number words.

Topics included in this product:
1. Number Word Order 1-10
2. Number Word Order 11-20
3. Number Word Order 30-100
4. Number Word Write with Hint 1-20
5. Number Word Write with Hint 21-40
6. Number Word Write with Hint 41-60
7. Number Word Write with Hint 61-80
8. Number Word Write with Hint 81-100
9. Number Word Write 1-20
10. Number Word Write 21-40
11. Number Word Write 41-60
12. Number Word Write 61-80
13. Number Word Write 81-100

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This product is also available in Google slide, PPT, and pdf at First Grade Math Year Long Mega Bundle All Common Core Standards Covered