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Save time, support improved reading stamina, and measure general reading comprehension with this printable quiz on the fairy tale “Fitcher’s Bird” by the Brothers Grimm. Given the dark nature of its plot, this narrative is best suited for a high school setting and makes a compelling addition to units covering genres such as horror and supernatural fantasy. Delivered in Word Document and PDF formats, this multiple choice assessment makes it easier to quickly and efficiently gather data on student recall and reading habits. An answer key is provided.

By completing this assessment, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following aspects of plot:

  • The wizard’s false identity and nefarious motives
  • The forbidden room and its gruesome contents
  • The consequences facing any child who enters the forbidden room
  • The object that indicates to the wizard that he has been betrayed
  • The breaking of a cycle
  • Reincarnated characters
  • The wizard’s engagement
  • The wizard’s travels and why they are at risk of delay
  • How the wizard’s wife-to-be plans the ultimate betrayal
  • The third sister’s disguise
  • The fate of the wizard and his associates