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70 animals flashcards with real farm, zoo and ocean animals photos in this bundle.

✅ There are 20 farm animals flashcards, 30 zoo animals flashcards and 20 sea animals / ocean animals flashcards. 3 versions of animals flashcards in this bundle.

✅ Suitable to use for kindergarten, preschool, speech therapy, autism, ESL, special education and early intervention.

✅ 20 farm animals included in this product are cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, duck (2 flashcards with different photos), goose (2 flashcards with different photos), hen, rooster, chicken, turkey, cow, sheep, horse, goat, donkey, chick, duckling and pig.

✅ 30 zoo animals included in this product are giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, camel, zebra, polar bear, bear, panda, kangaroo, gorilla, monkey, koala, meerkat, alligator, snake, leopard, cheetah, parrot, penguin, ostrich, flamingo, owl, otter, fox, wolf, moose and tapir.

✅ 20 sea animals / ocean animals included in this product are sea turtle, fish, shark, orca, jellyfish, seahorse, coral, starfish, dolphin, whale, stingray, clownfish, sea lion, seal, walrus, manatee, crab, lobster, octopus and squid.

✅ When printed, laminated & cut out, they can be used over and over!