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Have fun practicing addition and strategy skills with this fun themed math game – perfect for a math center or classroom game!

In Flip the Chips, students work with themed math tiles (chips) using numbers 1-9. After rolling two dice, students use any combination of number chips (up to 3 chips) to make the number rolled on the dice. Once a number has been used, it must be flipped over. Students continue rolling and flipping chips until they can no longer make the amount rolled. They add up the value of the remaining number chips, and that is their score. The lowest score wins!

Included in this resource:

  • Suggestions for Use
  • Game Directions
  • Storage Suggestions
  • Flip the Chips Game (thematic number chips and scorecard) in Color
  • Flip the Chips Game (thematic number chips and scorecard) in Black and White
  • Recording Sheet for optional use

This game can be printed and laminated or you can print the chips and adhere to wooden chips/discs for an even more fun and durable game! (Instructions included)

These games could be used in a few different ways. Some examples are:

  • Party/celebration activity/game
  • Rainy day recess game
  • Fun for a quick break/early finishers
  • Math Center