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Item description

This resource will teach your students about the food groups and making healthy food choices.



  • Sorting Game

  • Posters (2 sizes)

  • Cut & Paste Worksheet



This is a fun, hands-on way for students to become familiar with the food groups and the foods that belong to each. The cards and mat can be used as a simple sorting activity in which students classify each food and put it into the correct food group. It can also be turned into a fun game for 2 to 4 players. Instructions are included.



  • 45 Food Cards

  • Sorting Mat



These are provided in two sizes (full- and half-page). Each poster pictures foods from that food group. Includes:


  • vegetables

  • fruits

  • dairy

  • grains

  • protein

  • sweets



To complete the worksheet, students cut out pictures of 7 different foods and glue them under the correct heading – Healthy Choice or Unhealthy Choice. This is a great independent activity to do after learning about caring for our bodies. Includes answer key.