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Let me save you precious time and energy as you plan for your upcoming force and motion unit: This resource is already fully created and ready for your use! The lessons included cover all of the most important concepts within this topic, including push, pull, gravity, magnetism, and more!

This Unit Includes:

✓ Understanding position and motion, along with directional language

✓ Exploring speed, distance, and time

✓ Measurement of distance

✓ Exploring push and pull

✓ Effects of forces on objects

✓ Exploring the forces of gravity and magnetism

✓ Exploring friction

With This Unit You’ll Get:

✓ Engaging, high quality detailed lesson plans

✓ Hands-on science labs and investigations

✓ Non-fiction reading sheets to integrate reading skills

✓ Science centers and games

✓ Practice and review sheets (printables)

✓ Concept maps

✓ Open investigation sheets for flexibility

✓ Answer keys

.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Unit:

✓ Day-by-day lessons – as written

✓ As a supplement to an already established program

✓ Science centers or literary centers

✓ Whole group, small group, partners, or individual work

✓ Enrichment activities

✓ Early finishers

✓ Weekly science labs