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Are you looking for a fun activity that allows your students to practice applying their learning about forces and motion? This printable scavenger hunt is an engaging and student-led, low-prep task that helps your students review Newton’s Laws, manipulating the F = ma equation, balanced and unbalanced forces, as well as net forces, weight and friction. There are twelve questions on printable station cards included (three printing options).

The activity contains four questions that require calculations (finding the net force, or F = ma calculations). The remaining eight questions are conceptual or help students revisit their knowledge and understanding of forces and motion.

✨What’s Included✨

  • 12 printable scavenger hunt station cards in 3 color options (color, B&W, low-ink)

  • Printable and digital recording sheet to help your students keep track

  • Answer Key


Simply print the station cards and distribute them around the room. To prevent students from following others around the loop, I usually print 4 to 5 sets on different colored paper and have smaller groups of students follow a ‘color loop’, e.g. the green or blue station cards. The cards are designed so that students can begin at any of the station. Once they have answered all twelve questions correctly, they will find themselves back at their first station.


How to use this resource:

⭐ Assessment of prior learning

⭐ Early finishers

⭐ Science Centers

⭐ Formative assessment of (newly learned) information

⭐ Homework

⭐ Mid- or end-of-unit review / Test Prep