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Practice shapes, sizes, and numbers with these four fun Fourth of July themed activity games for your toddler or preschooler. With the American Flag Shape Sort, lay out the shaped flags or hide around the room or in a sensory bin and have the students match them to the correct shape on the mat. With the American Flag Size Sort, have the students sort the shaped flags by small, medium, or large shapes. There is also a Bingo game, shape clip cards, and a number order puzzle for Circle Time.


This is a perfect resource to add into your Summer time lesson plans!


This resource includes:

1. Fourth of July Bingo

* Instruction Page

* Set of 8 Calling Cards

* 6 Bingo Cards


2. Fourth of July Number Sequence Puzzle

* Instruction Page

* 1-10 line up sequence puzzle


3. Fourth of July Shape Clip Cards

* Instruction Page

* Set of 8 Clip Cards (in color and in black and white)

4. American Flag Shape and Size Sort

* Instruction Page

* Size Sorting Mat

* Shape Sorting Mat

* 3 sizes of 6 shapes