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This unit is ever growing. Currently includes an introduction to fractions as well as worksheet to ensure comprehension on the Who? What? Where? When? Why? of fractions! Also includes a two page scavenger hunt where students will look for fractions in their real life including home and community and think about what they want to know about fractions, what they struggle with and more. Includes an Editable PowerPoint for the assessment, scavenger hunt and more! Not all of this bundle is editable!

⭐Skills Required:

  • Fraction basics

❤️Resource is Great for:

  • High School
  • Remedial Math
  • Pre Algebra


  • editable PowerPoint to cater to your students needs for assessment and mini unit pieces.
  • Printable PDF
  • Color and Black and White versions of task cards
  • Halloween Word problems with key
  • Answer key
  • Terms of use