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Know Your Fractions – Concept Switch Level 1 and 2 Bundle are task cards designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their understanding of a range of fractional concepts.


Students will add and subtract fractions (Level 2 only add); however, the cards are specially designed so that students are required to mentally switch between different fractional concepts for every card.


As students work through the questions, they develop a greater understanding of the variety of ways a fraction can be visually represented. This requires a higher level of thinking than simply adding fractions that continuously uses the same visual representation.


While setting an overall time limit is useful, it is important not to overstress time and urgency as students require a slightly deeper concentration to work properly and should be encouraged to work at the pace that works for them.


The fractional concepts included in the cards include:

  • Fraction with a numerator and denominator
  • Parts of a whole
  • Number Line
  • In words
  • Fraction of a group
  • Decimals (Level 2 only)
  • Percentages (Level 2 only)


As the cards progress in Level 2 students are also tasked with:

  • Converting improper factions into mixed numbers
  • Simplifying fractions

Although these cards are commonly used as task cards, they have also been used successfully in math centers or rotations.


This resources contains:

  • A total of 50 cards (48 task cards and 2 title cards)
  • Student recording sheets
  • Answer keys
  • Complete PDF and individual PNG files of the cards also included



  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards. (p. 2-8)
  • Print student sheet (p. 9 in Level 1 and p. 9 & 10 in Level 2) and provide each student with a worksheet
  • Distribute the cards around the room (or allocate your desired number of cards for use in a math rotation or center).
  • Students may start at any number and work their way through in any order, but it is helpful to remind students to write the answer in the same numbered answer box i.e., if they are on card number 12, they should write their answer in answer box number 12
  • Check answers