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Item description

This is a full 6-week study of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.

Students will look at contemporary articles in which they review criminal psychology, modern scientific experiments, and pop-culture referencing science going wrong (Jurassic Park). They will also attempt to view things from different perspectives.

The unit plan offers:

  • Pacing Guide
  • Intro to Gothic Literature PP
  • Daily Essential Questions
  • Daily journal prompts (already put onto a PP presentation to display)
  • Daily discussion points in which students consider how monsters are made, critical look at the justice system, and if science ever goes too far
  • Mini research activity that has students look at criminal psychology and childhood trauma as well as research 1 of 3 serial killers to prepare for a seminar or mock debate connected with the book
  • 3 days of detailed and research backed daily lessons
  • 1 short comprehension quiz over chapters 1-9
  • Analysis and comparison activity with a canto from Paradise Lost
  • 2 essay prompt ideas for differentiation.