Item description

This is a set of free color alphabet charts with D’Nealian Print for handwriting practice and learning the letter names.

Many variations of the alphabet chart are included:

*Uppercase Letters and Pictures

*Lowercase Letters and Pictures

*Both Uppercase and Lowercase Letters and Pictures

*Pictures and Lines (students write the letters)

*Pictures and blanks (students can write the letters)

*Uppercase Letters Only (No Pictures)

*Lowercase Letters Only (No Pictures)

*Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Only (No Pictures)

Also, there are charts with ‘fox’ for the letter ‘x’ as well as charts with ‘x-ray’ for the letter ‘x’. (Look carefully at the pages because it may appear at first that there are duplicates of all the pages…because only the letter ‘x’ is different.)

You can print and laminate (for durability) the version that meets your needs.