Item description

mazes helps students with problem solving skills and critical thinking. It also teaches
them persistency and patience toward obtaining goals. Mazes also help with memory,
especially when you have to remember where locations are. 

There is 1 maze within this video game. Maze 1 has the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F.
Nan is the guide. The students lead the fairy, Tam, on which letter to touch.. They
control where she/he goes in the mazes. The letters must be touched in alphabetical
order or they will have to restart that particular maze

If you like this video game, Alphabet Memory Maze Video Game is available.  It covers ALL of the alphabet,

NOTE: This video game is a Microsoft EXE file and will open in Windows, but on Mac requires the installation of additional software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac with Microsoft Windows installed.

Remember: When education is fun, learning occurs faster.