Item description

Beginner French students will practice GREETINGS with this FREE digital Google Forms activity that is editable and set to grade automatically for you. This form includes 15 questions that are all in French and can be used in the classroom or via distance learning.

Students will:

-Choose appropriate answers to questions (Comment tu t’appelles?)
-Read a conversation and decide if it is logical
-Read a given greeting and choose similar expressions (au revoir / à demain)

Greeting Vocabulary includes:

-Various expressions of “hello/good-bye”
-“How are you?” questions and answers (formal and informal)
-“What is your name?” questions and answers (formal and informal)

How this resource works:

This is an editable activity designed in Google Forms. You can add questions of your own to the activity or delete any questions you do not want to use. You can also change the answer type if desired (short answer, multiple-choice, etc.) or switch the order of the questions.

After you download the activity, you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to download this file to your Google Drive and how to share with students. You and your students must have a free Google account in order to access the activity.

This activity can be shared with students through email, Google Classroom, Moodle, etc. Although this activity can be printed from Google Drive, a printed copy of this activity is not included in the download. The download is a PDF instruction sheet with a link to the digital activity.

NOTE: The questions in this digital activity are similar to the cards in our FREE Boom Learning™ digital task card deckFrench Greetings(minus the audio cards). We wanted to make the digital task cards available in a different format for more practice with greeting vocabulary.

Boom Cards are digital and work on just about any device. You do not need to print anything out. They are self-checking and can be used individually, in groups or as a class on an interactive board. Students receive immediate feedback; you can track their progress if desired.

Terms of Use

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