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Introducing learners to their first Portuguese words and alphabet with this soft-colored, bilingual illustrated ABC Poster.

Perfect wall decor to dress up your nursery or compliment your homeschool classroom. Included is a 8.5 X 11 (US LETTER) PDF file.

Each letter of the alphabet appears in both lower and uppercase, including your learner’s first Portuguese word starting with the associated letter. Each word is preceded by its definite article, introducing your learner to the concept of grammatical gender, taught early on

in Portuguese language learning.

Words included are:

a árvore – the tree, a bota – the boot, a casa – the house, o dado – the dice, a estrela – the star, a flor – the flower, a girafa – the giraffe, o helicóptero – the helicopter, o iglu – the igloo, a janela – the window, (o) karaté – karate, o leque – the fan, o macaco – the monkey, o navio – the ship,

o ovo – the egg, o peixe – the fish, o quivi – the kiwifruit, o rato – the mouse, o sapato – the shoe, o tapete – the rug, a uva – the grape, o vaso – the vase, (o) windsurfe – windsurf, o xilofone –

the xylophone, (o/a) yoga – yoga, a zebra – the zebra

Note: Be sure to compliment your poster with our Alphabet flashcards

and native speaker audio file for correct pronunciation and enunciation practice.

Teach your young learners in a fun and visual way.

Compliment your European Portuguese lessons, with these beautiful visuals allowing for word recognition and retention, while internalizing grammar rules naturally.

This poster is part of our European Portuguese Alphabet Learning Kit


– For best results, I recommend printing your materials on heavier weight paper or card stock. However, common printing paper works well, too.

– Please keep in mind that the colors of the print may differ from those you see on your screen. – Printer settings should be set to “Actual Size”.

– A test print is recommended before printing on final card stock.

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I would love to see all the great fun as you and your student play and learn.