Item description

Free Digital Memory Book – Kindergarten to 5th Grade

If you’re using Google Slides or Docs with your students, then here’s a wonderful and free end of the year project for you try with them.  Students will each create their own Digital Memory Book.

*Since I prefer short digital projects for my young students, this product only has 5 slide templates to complete (I actually only use 3 pages with my students, and I feel that more than 5 slides is way too much for most younger students).

If you haven’t yet tried a digital project with your students where they each receive a pre-made template to fill in, then this is your chance to try before you buy.  (I don’t yet have any Google Slides projects for sale, but there are plenty of them for sale online).

What You Get (PDF)

This free download has a one page PDF with a link to “Make a Copy” of my slides.  Once copied you will have 5 slides.  You will need to have a Google account to use this product.  Click or copy and paste the URL, then click “Make a Copy”.  Send the URL to your students to do “make a copy”.   When students are finished, they can “Share” with you.  This also makes a fun presentation for the end of the year (both in the classroom or presented in Zoom or Google Meet”)

Directions for Completing the Slides

Students click inside the text boxes with “Click to Add Text” and type.  Students can also insert images in these spaces (either photos or saved digital drawings).  Students can also resize and format text however they want to customize their slide presentation.

Finished slide shows can be shared with the teacher as part of a presentation or printed out.

Have a wonderfully fun end of the year!