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Thank you all for your positive responses to the other free packs we’ve posted. We are excited to upload a sampler that is Z-focused.

These zombie pages are from a larger activities pack.

Learning ranges are, of course, approximate, as each student is unique and learning in a unique environment. However, the learning range for this pack is PK through first grade. Most PK students will need help. Most kindergarten students will need guidance and help reading the instructions. The average first grade student may need help with the instructions but will likely be able to complete the pages otherwise.

There’s a Spanish version of the same sampler here.

Please consider leaving feedback if you like the activities. I read every comment and question!

Comments or ideas? Just want to talk about Halloween candy or zombie movies? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! (You can find my email address in the free download and in all the free stuff I post on MBT.)

Happy Learning!


Algunas actividades gratuitas de un paquete más grande. Hay ocho páginas para PK, K o 1º.

Hay una versión en español aquí y más recursos gratuitos aquí.

¿te gustan las actividades? Te agradecería si pudieras dejar feedback. ¿preguntas? ¿ideas? ¿comentarios? ¡Me encantaría oír de ti!


Special Thanks: Huge thank you to Clipartino for the adorable clipart!


Professor Pepper