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This a great lab because it allows students to make real-life measurements using their simple knowledge of free fall. Students will have fun with each activity, whether they are catching a dropping ruler as fast as they can or jumping as high off the ground as possible. After each activity, they will have to make calculations using their knowledge of free fall to find the results. Students will find out their reaction times, how high they can jump, how fast they can throw a ball, and how high their classroom ceiling is.

There are 3 differentiated worksheets with the AP version being inquiry based.


A ball you can drop

Tennis Ball

Measuring Tape or Meter Stick


Free Slow-Motion App

This is an NGSS-aligned lesson. Your students will engage in three-dimensional learning by analyzing and interpreting data, discussing with other students, and using their bodies to create unique results.

Lesson Includes (Fully Editable):

Student Worksheet (8 Pages)

– For THREE different levels of students (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Four different activities where students will use their knowledge of free fall to calculate reaction times, vertical jumps, the height of the classroom ceiling, and how fast they can throw a ball.

– Step-by-step instructions to get students started on their lab/activity

– Just print and you’re ready to start.

Teacher’s Instructions (4 pages)

– Detailed layout of how to introduce and do the activity

– Answers and explanations for all problems

– Includes instructional video

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