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Free Fall Clip Art for Teacher Creations

There are 36 wonderful graphics in this free clip art set.  I made this years ago (circa 2012), and a lot of people have used it over the years.   There is amazing clip art out there for purchase, but since this is free for teachers who are creating resources for sale, it’s still unbeatable.  

If you use these images to make teaching products for sale or for free, you need to read the Terms of Service in the download and provide credit somewhere in your product.  -Thanks!

Make Your Own Clip Art

Amazingly, when I made these graphics, I did it entirely in PowerPoint, so if you want to create some of your own try drawing something using the freeform tool in PowerPoint.  You’ll find it in the shapes menu.  I can’t really give you a full lesson here, but basically you click points on the screen to draw a rough image.  After your rough image is finished, you click on the outline and “edit points”.  This is where you smooth it all out.  After you get the shape you want, you fill the shape with the fill tool.  Finally, you right click the shape and save it as a “picture”.  You’re all finished!  Without any fancy tools, you’ve created clip art.  

Good luck!