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Free Kindergarten Math and Literacy Worksheets (10 Pages)    

 Week 1 Packet

 These worksheets are simple activities that can be used at home or in class.  They make great independent work for one week.

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You may also link directly to this page for parents to download on their own.  PLEASE DO NOT add these packets to your own teacher website or school website for download.


This set of worksheets provides a week of supplemental work for kindergarten.  There are two pages for each day.  There is a math page and a language arts page.  This week, students will practice numbers below 20, addition, reading, and writing.  I’ve also included a couple of answer keys for math to help parents understand the activities.


Each day, students will do one math and one language arts page independently with, hopefully, minimal parental help.  They can write one or more sentence in the writing section, depending on their abilities.


These free worksheets should help students and parents manage learning at home a little better.  You can find more supplemental great additional work to supplement your home or school lessons in my shop on   Please share this packet and links with anyone who needs it.


Good luck and stay safe and healthy!