Item description

A set of Interactive & Printable Word Search Activities for the classroom. 

  • Mystery heme (G1-5)

  • Sample Word Search (not grade specific)

  • Valentine’s theme (PK)

Word Searches allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

☄printable copies

☄interactive puzzles with & without timer (double click the index.html file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

☄hint key

☄a set of answers for each puzzle

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display interactive puzzles when tested)

The digital word search versions require you to drag your mouse (or finger if using an interactive board) across the words to find them; these can be in vertical, horizontal and diagonal positions; the words are arranged from left to right.


Printed word searches are usually in landscape layout unless they have an extension activity, in which case, the word search would more than likely be in portrait layout.

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