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Is it time to introduce those long vowel sounds? Let’s get your students off to a fun start! These Digital activities AND printable worksheets are perfect for any student who could use some engaging activities to get more familiar with long vowel sounds! _____________________________________________________________________________

This set includes the following:


⭐️ Multiple Choice Quiz | PDF Slides Simply identify long vowel words with this fun multiple-choice game!

⭐️ Digital Flash Cards | PDF Slides Allows students to easily navigate through all these long vowel sound words on their own!


⭐️ BINGO! (Images, Text-Only, Blank) | PDF 10 pages with images, 10 text-only pages, and 1 blank page.

⭐️ Vocabulary List (Long a Sound) | PDF Easily present 20 long a sound words.

⭐️ Vocabulary List (All Long Vowel Words) | PDF Give an overview of 100 long vowel sound words.

⭐️ Vocabulary Test (Long a Sound) | PDF Test all 20 previously taught long a sound words.

⭐️ Fill-in-the-Blanks (Long a Sound) | PDF Contains 2 fill-in pages to practice the long a sound.


Who is this for? This set is designed for any student who is just getting started with long vowels. At the same time the multiple-choice quiz, Bingo cards and flash cards can also be used to make practice with these words a whole lot more fun for students who struggle a bit more. Allow them catch up with the rest of the group by making long vowel practice a joyful activity for either the classroom or at home!

The best part?
Your students will love to play around with the digital activities that are part of this set. The best part for you as a teacher? Since these activities are self-correcting, pupils can play them all by themselves!

Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS)

RF.K.3, and RF.K.3b

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