Item description

‘The matching activity workbook.’ This book encourage the observation skill and matching skill of a child. suitable for 2 to 4 years children.

Full of colorful pictures gain the child attention. It is a very good option for free time activity. 20 pages are there that means 20 different matching activities are waiting for your child. It’s a free book for everyone. Download and give your child to development his/her vocabulary through pictures.


1) Match the color

2) Match the fruits

3) Match the animals

4) Match the birds

5) Match the flowers

6) Match the vehicles

7) Match the clothes

8) Match the body parts

9) Match the daily things

10) Match the kitchen items

11) Match the shapes

12) Match the vegetables

13) Match the Furniture

14) Match the School Supplies

15) Match the emotions

16) Match the job to the tools

17) Match the foods

18) Animals character and their favorite food match

19) Animals and their babies picture match

20) Count and match